Main Products

We supply and fit a complete range of high quality security products throughout the south of England.

Today, more than ever, we need physical security at home and work to protect against vandalism, burglary, or just for privacy and peace of mind. Security shutters, retractable gates and removable window bars meet many of these threats to property and person. We supply and install security products that integrate perfectly to not only compliment the building but ensure they are effective and secure in daily use.

Modular in their design, security shutters and gate systems can easily be adapted to suit many different applications and size requirements. Products can be fitted with motors for ease of opening and closing, with the option of a remote control device.

A full consultation will be provided free of charge to help guide you through which products best suit your individual requirements.

We are approved installers of

Driveway Gates

Secure your home or property and enhance the appearance with metal or timber gates. We offer new installation and replacement of both Driveway and Pedestrian Gates. You choose the specification dependant on your requirements, including automation, keypads and intercoms.


For commercial and industrial use, we offer a robust range of automated and manual barriers. Barriers and or Bollards are a very cost effective way to provide a high level of security against unauthorised vehicle access.

Roller shutters

Security shutters can be used on any part of a building internally and externally to protect against vandalism and burglary. Shutters can be manually or automatically controlled and are available in Steel and Aluminium in a complete range of colours.


We supply and install railings for both residential and commercial properties that will last for many years in the toughest of conditions. The railings provide practical purpose but must also blend in with their environment so there are a variety of design variations to choose from.

Garage Doors

We have a large selection of garage doors to choose from which can either be automated or opened manually depending on your requirements.


Security grilles are perfect for protecting windows as they are designed to keep intruders out whilst still allowing daylight in.

Bar Gates

Bar gates can be used on their own or together with a door to a property to provide added security.


Retractable Gates combine a classic appearance with effective protection. Easily fitted to the face or reveal of a window or door aperture, this product is ideal for the home or workplace. We offer new installation and replacement of Retractable Gates, for both domestic and commercial use.

Loop cutting/installation

Detector loops are used for traffic signals, automatic gates and barriers. It’s essential that these loops are installed accurately to maintain the safety of users, especially in busy public areas. City & Country provide a complete loop installation service and our trained staff ensure the detector loops are fixed securely and correctly.